Multiserv is a professional corporate investigations firm. The firm currently offers services throughout north India. The firm specializes in the Pre-Employment Investigation. Additionally we offer investigation of theft, dishonesty, and substance abuse in the workplace, litigation support . Our clients include some of the most successful corporations, software companies, and law firms in the country. Set up in 1991 Multiserv is considered one of the leading companies in the investigative services.

  • Review completed personal data forms, check for completeness, accuracy, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, and falsifications.
  • Criminal Record Checks. Obtain and review records from Police Station, criminal & civil courts and State and Municipal law enforcement agencies to determine if the candidate was a witness, victim, suspect or perpetrator of any crime.
  • Obtain and review arrest reports, witness statements, and other documents to determine if the candidate has affiliation with any trade union, ultra or militant organisation.
  • Verify Authenticity of Educational Certificates & attainments.
  • Obtain and review credit reports and evaluate financial responsibility.
  • Interview previous employers, co-workers & superiors to verify the particulars of employment, strengths/ weaknesses/ reputation for honesty/ integrity reasons for leaving, rehire eligibility etc.
  • Develop second and third level references and make additional inquiries to assist in determining credibility of statements.
  • Prepare a detailed summary of adverse information based upon objective analysis and evaluation of candidate's background.
  • Gather any and all information concerning the subject in such a fashion as to allow management the opportunity to enforce its policies and effect appropriate corrective decision.
  • Conduct the fact-finding process so that it is least disruptive to the organization and its operations.
  • Engineer the process so that it provides the customer the highest possible return on investment.
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